How to Step Up Your Research Game as a Copywriter

  1. Ask yourself what the goal of your research is.
  2. Set sub-goals and use them to guide what you research.
  3. Set aside time for “Rabbit hole” research.
  4. Science rules and can prove just about anything.
  5. Don’t get too stuck on one idea.

What’s the goal of your research?

What are you trying to “find” or “prove?”

Set sub-goals.

These are like checkpoints in a video game, or like landmarks on a map.

  1. Prove that keto works for people (find testimonials)
  2. Prove that the mechanisms behind keto work (ketosis)
  3. Prove that your supplement works (ex: exogenous ketones — can you find credible proof?)
  4. Prove the market wants this or believes it can work.
  5. Figure out how ketosis WORKS.

Go down the rabbit hole

You’ll discover your best stuff just going on forums and going to where your interest takes you. That’s likely how your audience got into whatever it is you’re researching, so you going through that same process will help you have a better understanding of what they went through.

Science rules and can prove almost anything

If you want to claim it, there’s probably been a study on it.

Don’t get too stuck on one idea

Your research road map is just that.



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Andrew Trachtman

Andrew Trachtman

I currently write copy for a 7-figure business and freelance on the side. Most of the time you can find me wearing plain white T-Shirts and eating raw garlic.