How I Started Making 10x More Money Through Medium…

Andrew Trachtman
2 min readMar 4, 2021


And why this title is bullshit.

Here’s the thing with marketing…

It’s all about how you frame things.

And as a marketer — you essentially control reality, bending and shaping it to your will.

But not everyone does this ethically.

In fact — a lot of people do this pretty unethically.

And one of the most interesting ways to do so is through controlling how you present information.

I already told you I 10x’d my income on Medium.

If you’re not thinking things through, that might sound impressive.

And there’s a lot of tricks and black hat stuff I could use to make it seem even more impressive…

“Like I did it with zero spend on paid ads…”

“I hardly wrote anything…”

Or the more sinister stuff I’m not about to share (since honestly — only a handful of people should ever touch that stuff).

But put on your thinking cap and ask yourself…

“What isn’t he mentioning?”

That’s right.

I never mentioned how much I was making before I 10x’d my income.

I literally went from making 2 cents a month on Medium…

To a whopping 20 cents.

I 10x’d my income — but it’s not very impressive anymore is it?

And that’s the key to your own promotions.

What points can you emphasize and which ones should you de-emphasize?

Just use this stuff ethically though, okay?



Andrew Trachtman

I currently write copy for multiple 7 and 8-figure business and freelance on the side when I have free time (which is... not that often).