How I made $12,000 in a few months as a failing freelance copywriter using “Money Momentum”

Because here’s the thing… people like giving money to people who are already making money.

It’s the idea that once you get your first copywriting job — things gets easier. People hit you up asking if they can pay you to write stuff for them.


Getting your first client.

All you need to do is reach out to them.

People who need help with something will often give you clues.

Where can you go where people would need your services and expertise?

Get ONE job. That’s all it takes to get started.

What’s it take to be “Good to work with?”

  1. Be responsive when they message you. Don’t ignore them for days.
  2. Be punctual — turn in your stuff ON TIME at the latest.
  3. Always do you best work. Even if it doesn’t “make tons of money…” when you put in the time, it shows.
  4. Don’t nickel and dime your clients early on. (If I see a good client, I’ll work for free knowing I’m VERY likely to get ongoing work later that pays for whatever I lost on the first job)
  5. Go above and beyond. How can you make the client’s life easier when it comes to your copy? Can you make a cover test for them? Slides? Suggest a way to improve the offer? Everything counts.

You want to get to a good client ASAP.

The thing here is — you want a GOOD CLIENT who is willing to WORK WITH YOU.

Even if they only use organic traffic, it’s not free.

Once they trust you after a single project — you’re likely to get more projects.

Because the client liked the copy anyway and saw lots of potential in it — I wound up getting more projects from the same client.



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Andrew Trachtman

Andrew Trachtman


I currently write copy for multiple 7 and 8-figure business and freelance on the side when I have free time (which is... not that often).