How can I get my copy to flow?

Andrew Trachtman
2 min readMay 8, 2021

Everything you say needs to have a logical connection.

You write emotionally, but make logical connections.

So if you have 4 points to cover:





You can write those out individually and have them make sense in isolation. In programming we’d loosely call this encapsulation.

Then once each part makes sense by itself, then you need to thread those 4 parts together.

I could do a coding example — but I feel like that would be even more confusing…

So here’s a non-coding example.

A: Your health is important.

B: The immune system controls your health.

C: East African Herb A boosts your immune system

D: We’re selling 4 bottles for the price of 1

You’d want to thread those 4 parts together so they make more sense logically.

Here’s a really rough example:

Your health is important. If you’ve ever been out of commission with the flu, you know how true that is.

But what’s the solution when flu vaccines don’t always work? Plus — you can’t be vaccinated for every little thing… right?

Well, the secret is already inside you. It’s your immune system.

The reason is, your immune system controls your health and essentially “vaccinates” you from the inside out!


But now you might be wondering… but how can I stimulate the immune response?

Luckily — scientests have recently finished analyzing this new herb and it’s been shown to <DO THE THING THAT BOOSTS IMMUNITY>.

Sadly — it’s not easy for most people that aren’t well funded scientists to get their hands on <HERB> of this purity.

…until now!

For a limited time you can get your hands on <HERB> for just $X!

That example isn’t great and I literally spat that out as I went, but the idea is… if you have the pieces of your “sales argument” all lined up — you just need to help make logical connections between them.

I just told you one thing, so why would you care about this next thing?

How can I find 2 connection points that tie these 2 parts together?

It’s like an emulsifier.

Emulsifiers let you combine water with fat.

You know how oil and water don’t mix? Well, with emulsifiers they do. And detergents work on that principle.

It’s the same here.

You connect two things that normally don’t go together with a “middle man.” AKA: a transition.

Transitions don’t even have to be complicated. They just need to guide the reader through. Try to get into the reader’s mind and address what they’d be thinking after each part.

That advice alone will take you a long way.



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