Copywriting: How do you create a portfolio from scratch?

So that’s when I knew I had to figure out how to “start from scratch.”

Here’s what I did…

In this case, size DOES matter and bigger IS NOT better.

Instead of giving clients a massive portfolio to filter and sift through (like my old portfolio which had well over 30 “samples” some of which were better than others)… I just used a single powerful piece.

  1. Goes through all your stuff
  2. Likes what they see
  3. Finds your best stuff
  1. Have or create a sample (1–2 pages, NOT using tiny font)
  2. Show off your headline, lead and bullet skills (key elements of copy)
  3. Show that you understand the niche you want to write for

Creating a sample isn’t hard.

Just find a product you’re interested in.

Then show off the skills you know the client needs.

If they run lots of FB ads and short form, make your sample short form orr like a FB ad.

And then lastly — try to make your sample about something in the same niche.

So if you want to write in health — write about a supplement, a molecule or an ingredient, etc.

But don’t spam their inboxes with those cheesy premade messages.

Don’t be weird either.



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Andrew Trachtman

Andrew Trachtman


I currently write copy for multiple 7 and 8-figure business and freelance on the side when I have free time (which is... not that often).