A Practical Exercise to Start Writing Copy Even if You’re a Complete Beginner


Pick a niche to write for.

STEP 2: Google around and see if you can find a course or a product in the niche you picked.

“How to build wealth”

STEP 3: If there’s a sales page — congratulations! Go to STEP 4.

If not — just wait. If the company is one even potentially worth studying, you’ll get promotions in your email.

STEP 4: When you find a sales page (you can also use the emails you get) all you need to do is go through it.

If you end up buying the product, great! Study the sales page (and the inevitable upsells).

STEP 5: Take your notes and use them to REWRITE the sales page (also works for emails).

Once you think the sales page is strong — feel free to share it or send it to others and ask them what they think.

STEP 6: Find out how to get in touch with the company whose page you just re-wrote. This could mean emailing support and asking to speak to a supervisor (and work your way up)

It could mean finding them on LinkedIn.

STEP 7: Send an email asking for permission to send a sample.

These people are busy.



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Andrew Trachtman

Andrew Trachtman


I currently write copy for multiple 7 and 8-figure business and freelance on the side when I have free time (which is... not that often).