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Today’s snippet is from an awesome fella named Adam Gilad.

Market/Niche: Dating

The thing I want to talk about is the art of giving away free stuff to drive action.

See how this email (it’s not the full email) mentions a $300 gift?

The subject line actually led with that.

“Join Me For Special Sunday Night Date UP(!) …

And my answer is NOT “Copy Sales Letters by Hand”

Sure — mindlessly copying Gary Halbert’s sales letters CAN be beneficial, but everyone claiming to be a copywriter tells you to do that.

I’m here to give you the method I used to learn when I was first getting started.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

…now what?

It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail.

You finally got a client to write copy for — congrats!

But what do you do now?

You ask questions and find out what the client expects of you!

Obviously — I’m assuming you’ve got the skills to deliver already. If you don’t, I’m not covering any of that here. …

Everything you say needs to have a logical connection.

You write emotionally, but make logical connections.

So if you have 4 points to cover:





You can write those out individually and have them make sense in isolation. In programming we’d loosely call this encapsulation.

Then once…

Like ignore anti-virus malware warnings.

Have you ever been on a website with scantily clad men and/or women?

(What, just me?)

Maybe you’re into something else?

Well — that’s the oldest example of “I want the thing on the other side so badly, I’m willing to screw myself.”

It’s how…

Andrew Trachtman

I currently write copy for a 7-figure business and freelance on the side. Most of the time you can find me wearing plain white T-Shirts and eating raw garlic.

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